How can I update my app, if Google Console requires to change my app’s target API level/target SDK version?




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    I want see video for this process

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    its not a warning ..i am trying to upload the apk but could not succeded in it..unable to publish the app in playstore. very sad to see this disgusting  problem of your wapsite

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    How can i update API level of my app ??

    please share full procedure or make a video about this error that how to solve this in appsgeyser ..
    its very must to know so kindly give us any proper solution for updating API level 
    i am trying since last one week for this solution but still didn't got any proper solution

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    Your steps don't work. You still can't go forward after dong them and you can not get your app to roll out production because the button will not be active. I put in a support ticket about this and just getting same old run around but no solution. Wasted $25!

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    James Edwards

    Alex Martynov,

    Let us repeat, the steps you have explained above, does NOT work.

    It is NOT just a warning, which we can ignore, it completely blocks and we are UNABLE to upload the APK.

    Please help us ASAP, before your "AppsGeyser" is labeled as a unsupported product.

    Thank you.

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    Muhammad Arif

    i want to create my store app, but website have no save option. how is this possible to complete app create on a one setting or at a time.


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    Çh Hąšśãń


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    Çh Hąšśãń

    I know how to make an andriod app and you will be find them to me

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